Radial Wheels1.jpg

60' Radial

Ultimate Versatility

Combination of tracks under the hopper and wheels which folde out for radial movement, this is the most versatile stacker on the market.

  • Cat (Perkins) C2.2

  • Hydraulic Jacking Legs

  • Powered Radial

  • Full Auto Radial Available

  • Extended Hopper

480R Feeder Raised.jpg

80' Radial

Massive Material Mover

The 80' tracked radial stacker comes with twin drive and a 48" wide belt. Powered by a 100hp Cat engine, this unit wit full auto-radial, can move well over 600tph.

  • Cat 4.4

  • Hydraulic Jacking Legs

  • Full Radio Remote - tracks and radial

  • All-Terrain Wheels

  • Full Side Skirting

  • Heavy 1200mm belt