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Radial Tracked Stackers

60' Radial

Most Popular Model

Combination of tracks under the hopper and wheels which folde out for radial movement, this is the most versatile stacker on the market.

  • Cat (Perkins) C2.2

  • Hydraulic Jacking Legs

  • Powered Radial

  • Full Auto Radial Available

  • Extended Hopper

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Stackers Radial 80' Sand

80' Radial

Massive Material Mover

The 80' tracked radial stacker comes with twin drive and a 48" wide belt. Powered by a 100hp Cat engine, this unit can move well over 600tph.

  • Cat 4.4

  • Hydraulic Jacking Legs

  • Full Radio Remote - tracks and radial

  • All-Terrain Wheels

  • Heavy 1200mm belt

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