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80' Tracked Stacker

Quarry Machine

The 80' tracked stacker is available with Cat, Deutz or Dual-Power options and features head and tail fold as well as 4m tracks.

  • Cat 4.4 Fixed Speed

  • Boomerang lift

  • Check valves on lift rams

  • 48" (1200mm) wide belt with twin drive

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4100 Keyway Truck.jpg

100' Tracked Stacker

Massive Mover

The 100' Tracked Stacker is the ultimate material mover with 4m tracks and twin 600 drives.

  • Cat 4.4 130hp

  • 48" heavy belt

  • Dump-hopper with rock shelf

  • Check valves

  • Over 40' discharge height

65' Transport.jpg

65' Tracked Stacker

Heavy-Duty Workhorse

The 65' tracked stacker is probaly the most in-demand unit in the UK. With 2.5m tracks and a 5-minute set up time, it's easy to see why.

  • Cat (Perkins) C2.2

  • 900mm belt

  • Impact bed in feed area

  • Galvanised lift sections

  • Full side skirting